…Far from royalty.

Kitchen Chair Rehab

I have a life-long love of thrift stores.  My friend and staging partner, Nikki, and I stumbled onto a “new” store after spending the whole day shopping for a master bedroom were designing.  On the way home, Nikki saw the glorious “Now Open” sign blowing in the wind.  We made a mental note and went on about the day.  Both giddy with excitement from our shopping bounty, we  just HAD to head to the home and putting things together.

The following day we had another job to bid, and wrapped up early, so we decided to hit our new found “favorite” thrift store.  Wow, were we surprised?!   This place was a little goldmine hidden amongst the road construction on I-30 in Garland, TX.  I found an awesome baseball shadow box for a boy’s room for $10 and two beautiful chairs.  Well, not beautiful yet, but they had potential…and great bones.  We paid a whole $7 each for them.  They are antique, walnut- I think, and had dirty red seat cushions.  We needed chairs for the sitting area in the master bedroom we were working on, and these little gems were definitely in our s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d budget.  Visions of flat black spray paint and the most beautiful black and white fabric danced in my head.

Nikki tore the old seat covers apart and began the revitalization project.  She even sewed piping!  I would have left out that tiny little detail, but I’m so glad she didn’t.  I headed out to the patio with the chairs and a couple of cans of black spray paint.  A few light coats of paint, a little drying time, and the new seat cushions…here’s what we came up with.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these chairs.  I’m thinking I would love to have a whole set of them foAfterr MY dining room.


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