…Far from royalty.

I’ve fallen

…a little behind on blogging, so I’ll try and remember what I’ve missed.


Macy and her friend Olivia are playing.  “We’re doing a puzzle Mommy, so don’t annoy us.”  Um, ok.

Macy:  “Mommy, can I just sleep in your bed tonight, since I’m gonna end up there anyway?

Random Macy trivia  “Mommy, you know if you put the toaster on 5 it will burn it black?!?!”

After hearing the refrigerator open for the 387th time this afternoon, I yell to who ever is feeling guilty, “What are you into?!?!?!” Macy pops back with “Thuuuu reeefriiiigeraaaaator!”

It's not a mess, it's my drum set!


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