…Far from royalty.

One man’s trash…

Is now in my office!

While perusing the neighborhood, wasting time waiting on my kids to get out of VBS, I saw this pitiful thing staring at me…begging for mercy.  At least that’s how I heard it.

Before Bulletin Board

It was sprinkling outside, so I must save it now, for tomorrow it would be in the trash truck too late.

I’ve wanted a nice bulletin board for my office for a while, but when I’m out spending money, which doesn’t happen often, it’s not high on my priority list.  I rescued this little beauty and brought it home to dry out in my garage for two or three weeks  (a record for me, from the time I usually acquire a project, until I start and actually finish it).  After I recovered my (not so formal anymore) dining room chairs, I had about a 1/4 of a yard of fabric left over.  So my little wheels started spinning out, and I came up with a cheap BRILLIANT idea.

I remembered the pitiful little project in the garage in desperate need of some TLC.   I was on a roll with spray painting, (but that’s another blog), so I sanded and sprayed several coats of satin black paint.  The bulletin board itself is a thin, thin, thin piece of cork, with a cheap foam backing.  I was afraid  to used a staple gun to recover it or the cork might disintegrate, since I rescued it in the rain.  How on earth do I wrap the fabric around, pull it tight and not tear up the cork board?  Ok, so  redneck rehab duck tape to the rescue.  It’s all the rage now, so I’m just being hip and cool right?–that’s my story.  With all the new and vibrant colors to choose from, it was a toss up between Hello Kitty and Zebra Stripes.  Ultimately, I went with the latest and greatest, polished pewter; mostly because that’s what hubby had in the tool box.  He’s always got the latest and greatest gadgets.

During Redneck Rehab

How to attach the fabric

It worked like a charm.  And…if I hadn’t shown you, no one but my favorite sister Donna and I would have known.  She used to own an upholstery shop and  I find it so very hard to believe she’s never seen duck tape used in such a white trash creative way.

After...can you hear the choir singing....." Ahhhhhhh."

Isn’t she marvelous?  Just a little smidgeon of chalkboard paint, and she’ll prominently displayed in my office.

Total cost of this Redneck Rehab Design on a Dime makeover????  $0.  That’s right, zip, zilch, nada!  Everything I needed was leftover from another project.  Not too shabby.  I’m considering adding criss-cross ribbons to the bulletin board, but then again comes the question of how to attach it? since stapling it on isn’t an option.   Is there such a thing as too much Duck Tape sturdy?


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