…Far from royalty.

GW Boutique

Macy’s bedroom was in need of a new quilt.  I like quilts.  They’re light weight machine washable, and over all pretty cute these days.  I had been looking for something different, she had a white quilt (not a good idea when your child is messy Marvin reincarnated) with ballerinas all over it.  It was sweet, but had been washed and bleached (oops) so many times that it was looking tired and the threading was pulling apart.  In my many trips to Target, I would always swing by the kids decor aisles and see what was being marked down there.  I had my eye on several that would have worked, but I refused to pay $80 for a quilt, mostly because I’m cheap frugal.  There was a cute brown/pink floral set, a yellow/pink/green set, and a pink/owl pattern.  Well, I guess I waited to late, because everything I had been eyeing was gone, marked down and outta there!  Ok, well I guess it’s back to the drawing board.

In my home staging adventures I am always looking for a bargain.  I had been looking for a few little accessories to pull a kitchen together.  I stopped into GW Boutique (that’s Goodwill for you with your nose in the air).  Over the last few years, Target has been donating their items that don’t sell at 70% and 90% off to GW Boutique.  I’ve found some awesome deals.  Brand new, in package deals, I might add!  I was pushing my cart past the linens and the sky opened up and a ray of sunshine shone down.  Curiosity got the best of me, and I had to see what divine intervention was trying to show me….I was in a hurry, but you know, sometimes you have to make time for divine intervention.  O.M.G!  Still neatly wrapped up in the original packing with the cute little off white ribbon wrapped around it was the bedding I had been watching for Macy’s room.  I thought it had slipped away!  Some things are just meant to be.  Like I was meant to be at the Garland, Tx location, on that particular day, when that particular quilt was sitting there…waiting for me to find it.  Oh, and the best part… I haven’t mentioned the best part, have I?  This full/queen sized, brand new in original packing pink/green/yellow floral quilt was priced at the bargain basement GW Boutique price of $20!  That’s right snooty people who think you have to pay retail and would never darken the door of a GW Boutique, $20!  75% off retail.  Go me!

GW Boutique

Macy's New Bedding


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