…Far from royalty.

You can come in, but…

Normally, my girls play well together.  Yes, they bicker and fight like all siblings.  But, if they can’t work it out, I usually separate them.  After a few minutes, the little one is asking to apologize to her sister, whether she’s at fault, or not.

One day I heard them arguing.  Lillie didn’t want Macy in her room.  I told them to stop it, or separate.  Then nothing.  No yelling, no screaming, no drama.  I must investigate.  Someone’s either being suffocated with a pillow, or they’ve managed to actually work things out.  Hmmm.  Yes, I must investigate.

I sneak a peak into Lillie’s room.  They had come to a compromise and everyone was happy.  Hold on, don’t move, must get camera!

You can come in,

but you can't cross the line.

Macy didn’t care, she made it past the door, and she was smiling like a Cheshire cat.  She wasn’t allowed to cross the line drawn in the sand (pencils end to end in a beach theme room–I’m so clever), but she was happy.  No drama, I’m happy, too.

Now, clean your room!


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