…Far from royalty.

Macys baking cookies
Mommy, do I have chocolate on my face?

Macy and I baked chocolate chunk cookies this morning. She asked to lick the beater and I reluctantly let her– you know Salmonella and all. Eww. Grama lets me do it. She finished and asked me, “Mommy, do I have chocolate on my face?” Um… no, ok yes…but you’re adorable, so let me grab my camera. I used a Betty Crocker bag mix, and made big cookies, so it only made a dozen.
Macy: “Lillie is gonna be so surprised that we made cookies!”

Fourteen minutes later, queue the oven alarm. The dogs come running into the kitchen. Have I ever fed them directly from the oven? Noooooo, who do they think they are? Pssssh, like we’re gonna share with THEM? HA!

When Lillie gets off the bus, she always wants a snack, so I told her she could have a cookie. Then she comes back and says, “Can I have another one, I’m pretty sure Macy had more than 2?” Me: “How many are left? I told her she could have one, because they were big cookies.” Lillie goes and counts and comes back with a second cookie in her hand. Macy had eaten 4 HUGE cookies today. I’m running around cleaning and not paying attention, and she is pigging out and getting her chocolate fix…for the week!


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