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Hall Bath Makeover – Before

I am in love with all things cottage-y… if that’s even a word.  I am addicted to DIY blogs about home decorating/design/remodeling, especially when done on a shoestring budget.  Bloggers make it seem somewhat do-able (read:  affordable), for me any way.  I’ve been watching posts about beadboard and board & batten, and obsessing over them.

We live in a cookie cutter house, that looks like every other cookie cutter house in the neighborhood.  Other than paint, I really haven’t put my “stamp” on it.  I didn’t think we would be living here 11 years later, so I didn’t really want to personalize the house.  I’m a home stager, and it is my job to make things neutral, so that anyone could move into a space and love it.  Well, I’m bored with neutral!  I’m not moving, so I want to put my spin on things.

One of my first projects will be beadboard wainscotting in the hall/girls’ bathroom.

DIY Beadboard Before

DIY Beadboard - Before

Hall Bath Makeover Before

Hall Bath Before Beadboard

I did some organizing work for a friend, and we bartered for stuff.  I love stuff.  She was de-cluttering, and I was loving it!  I ended up with several 1/2 sheets of faux wainscotting.  I think it’s made of luan or masonite or  something of the sort.  After I get it on the walls, trim it out and paint it white, no one will be the wiser.  I have most of what I need, except the trim mouldings, and paintable caulk; so it should be a fairly inexpensive and easy project.  I’ve measured all the trim pieces, and I plan on having them cut in store.  There will only be a few straight cuts on the beadboard, and I can totally do that.  I will pre-paint, and nail them up.  Sounds easy enough.  We’ll see.  I am also planning to put in a wider baseboard and change out the trim on the door, so that it matches my cottage style.  The vanity will either get a new coat of paint, or a dark stain… I haven’t decided which yet.

Hall Bath Before Beadboard Wainscotting

Vanity Wall Before Beadboard

Hall Bath Vanity Before

Vanity Before Makeover