…Far from royalty.


I’m famous for half started/never finished projects.  It’s not something I’m proud of, it just is, or rather, I just am.  My sister came to hang out with me not long ago, and we tackled some of those never started projects– we actually started AND finished some of them.

I found an old 5 panel door on Craigslist for $15.Wooden door headboard  My original intent was to make a king size headboard for my bed.  I’m not really into stripping paint, so 4 years later, it was still in my garage.  While in Hancock Fabrics one day, I came across their most awesome section of clearanced fabric remnants.  I found 2 1/2 yards of lined and lightly batted micro suede for $4 yd.  A little birdie told me to buy it all, so I did.Future Amazing Headboard

I was checking out some of the amazing posts at Knockoff Decor, and stumbled onto this amazing knockoff.  I knew what I had to do.

My favorite sister Donna, not to be confused with my favorite sister Claudia, used to have an upholstery shop.  She has the most amazing things left over from her business.  One of those things just so happened to be nailhead trim.  So I emailed for backup.  “We need to get together and do some projects…oh and bring the nailhead trim.”  Not exactly word for word, but close.

The door was 74″ long, perfect for my new headboard, so I whipped out my fabric remnant and my staple gun (have I mentioned my love of staples lately?).  And 187 staples later, give or take a few, I have the beginnings of an amazing headboard.A good start to an amazing nailhead trim headboard  I flipped it over, got out a yard stick and a piece of chalk and drew a line where I wanted the nailhead trim to go.  I commenced to hammering.  Fortunately, the trim is on a roll and 90% of the nailheads are fake, and I only had to hammer in about 30 of them.  I’m convinced if I had to hammer each one individually, I would still be hammering this dream headboard would never have come to fruition.

Ok, I have a headboard, now legs…need legs.  Must. have. legs.  I move the furniture around to much to mount it to the wall.  I scrounged around in the garage through my hubby’s half finished projects and found a couple of 1 x 4″ scraps.  I measured from the floor to the top of my mattress and subtracted a couple of inches, since I didn’t want the bottom of the headboard to show.  I cut the 1 x 4″s and painted them chocolate brown with leftover spray paint.  I screwed them to the back of the door and voila, a headboard!  A beautiful, so not $600— but looks just as good, if not better, headboard.My King Size Knockoff of West Elm's Nailhead Trim Headboard  I LOVE IT!  I made it all by myself.  My sister watched, and sometimes coached, but she made me do it all by myself.  Yay me!  I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Cost of the total project, $12 for fabric.  I think there has to be some statute of limitation on the cost of building materials sitting unused in the garage…say like, oh… 4 years.  Either way, $12 or $27, I’ll take it!


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